Revolution Between My legs

Courtney Trouble surrenders to Bella Vendetta as Bella writes poetry across their gorgeous naked body, covers them in hot wax and then allows them to break free. Altporn/Artporn at it’s finest. Femme on femme performance art. Softcore fetish nudity.

short film directed by Bella Vendetta. Courtney Trouble is nude as Bella writes poetry over their flesh, and then covers the words in red wax.  Courtney breaks open the wax and emerges renewed.

Ritual + Worship

A short docu-portrait about Caritia, a wildly erotic, London born, Berlin-based creative of Afro-Caribbean descent who is setting up her next BDSM workshop. An intimate documentary about her philosophy and practice.

A short BDSM documentary that explores the workshop culture in Berlin and focuses on conscious BDSM practitioner Caritia.
Ritual + Worship is a character study that tracks the practice of Caritia as she prepares for her upcoming workshop, ritual and worship. We learn about her journey through life and how her various disciplines coalesce into the perfect symbiosis of spiritual, ritual and mindful practice.