Inbetween Wonderland 1977

A collage of over eighty adult films from 1977, the year of the filmmaker’s birth.

Inbetween Wonderland 1977 seeks to create a “Rise and Fall” of the Golden Age of Porn when adult cinema was thought to be moving towards mainstream movie-making with developments in narrative, larger budgets, and engaging in forms of self-censorship in order to appeal to audiences other than the ostensible lonely male urban-dwelling viewer. This film looks at the ways adult film at the time, which was just establishing its new above board freedom, both seemingly broke from previous sexual norms while reinforcing them, creating new (and at times, unintended) sexual norms in an increasingly commodified form.

The 27 minute work progresses through various clips from adult films from 1977 moving around on the screen, culminating in a kaleidoscopic climax. It then moves to clips from adult films which are mostly not sexual in nature without any sense of going anywhere, possibly creating a feeling of contentment or possibly boredom.