Turkish Glitch Story #1 The Wheelchair Rolls, and so Does the Thunder

Turkish Glitch Stories, 1st Part: Turkey, sping 1979. The day you forgot to lock my wheels.

Story #1 (on 2)

Accidentally, the glitches have created a censorship here and there, over the naked bodies. That irony interested me given that these porn Turkish films from the 70s only exist in VHS tapes because any public show of pornography is illegal in Turkey since the coup of 1980, giving an end to the gigantic porn wave that had hit the country for a few years, called Yesilçam. Glitches have their own lives. I just picked them. These are the Turkish Glitch Stories.


Former U.S .- slave, Marie Scott – now a vampire – got a second chance at living. This type of life comes with a price. Enactone is a glimpse into queer, erotic rituals for a yearly vampire holiday. The question is, can Marie Scott resist the most prime orgasmic blood?

Enactone is a queer vampire film directed, written and starred in by Sky Deep. It is the story of a vampire who was once a slave in the southern U.S. about 100 years ago who is seeking more meaning in her eternal walk.  As a black vampire woman who’s thirst for blood intensifies during erotic encounters, her path leads her through challenges in identity and fighting the hunger.