This POV film is pure escapism. Let me take you on an immersive journey through the outdoors. Find me along the path and follow me to the edge of the valley.

We shot Wanderlust as an immersive POV experience. It has a “follow me” vibe; as I explore on the outdoors, you trail behind me taking in the views. The more explicit shots also make use of the scenery. You can choose to focus on me or enjoy the nature around you.

Wanderlust is also a great film for those that love build-up. The runtime is just over 20 minutes, this gives you time to tease yourself slowly. We don’t think that sex or masturbation should be a rush, and Wanderlust is designed to pace you and make you slow down.

The music track is relaxing and invokes a meditative headspace, so put on your best headphones or earbuds and remember to breathe deeply. Whether you’ve had a stressful day at work or you are simply feeling overwhelmed, this is the porn that helps you relax as you get off.