Please May I Come, Mistress

A gorgeously intimate docu-portrait of loving female dominance, orgasm denial and impact play between two real life play partners.

Erotica authors Zak Jane Keir and Charlie J. Forrest give us an intimate peek into their relationship as we are a fly on the wall during a sensual BDSM encounter – from their initial negotiation to spanking and corporal punishment, bondage, cock teasing and orgasm control.

The strength of Zak and Charlie’s connection is evident from the outset. With her hands grasping his hair, she gently whispers words of encouragement, before ordering him to strip. Over these moving images of affectionate BDSM, we hear the story of how they met, and how their femdom dynamic evolved. This is their first time making porn; Charlie got interested after reading online accounts of how empowering it can be, and Zak wants to show the world that older women like her can still be proud of owning their bodies and their sexuality.

Ninja Approved: Toronto

Ninja Approved: Toronto showcases the real life couple Sif & Clint Black as they discuss their love and share their intimacy with Ninjas Camera.

Nympho Ninjas has created another passionate film, a deeply romantic portrayal of a Toronto based couple shot in pure day light at golden hour. Sif and Clint invite us into their warm and unique relationship and share with us the secret to their love and unending lust. The couple take us on a walk through the park where we fall hard for their love story and later invite us into their bedroom. Ninjas once again uses his aesthetic ingenuity to create an atmosphere of safety and trust, while simultaneously building the tension that creates genuinely beautiful pornography.