Technicolor Femmes

Porn star/cam model Dahlia Dee invites playmate Max Alchemy to join her at Oasis Aqualounge for a live porn shoot. What ensues is a mesmerizing, femme-on-femme scene that is juicy, genuine and captivating.

Porn star/cam model Dahlia Dee was on the hunt for a fierce, fiery femme to lick, love and bite in front of the cameras during a live porn shoot at Oasis Aqualounge. She came across vibrant vixen Max Alchemy and they immediately hit it off.
Their beautiful, tattooed bodies, sumptuous curves and lusty passion explodes on screen, cumming like rainbow-colored rays of light. This mesmerizing scene is juicy and genuine and captivating

Second Date

Second Date is a lighthearted, unscripted Virtual Reality 3D 360° portrait of two young people fumbling towards ecstasy. Trying to find common ground, their conversation veers from clumsy to joyous, and back — until they finally start connecting for real.

Second Date is a lighthearted, unscripted Virtual Reality 3D 360° portrait of two young people fumbling towards ecstasy. Trying to find common ground, their conversation veers from clumsy to joyous and back again —  until they finally start connecting for real.

The film shoot had a special structure: Second Date was indeed Anne and Bishop’s second date. As conceived by Jennifer, the point of the film was to let intimacy naturally develop between them. Jennifer assured Anne and Bishop that their individual spontaneous natural expression was much more important than having sex, or even kissing. Whatever happened during Second Date, or didn’t happen, should be completely up to them.

In the end, Anne and Bishop’s second date was a huge success. It reached an orgasmic conclusion, even though their underwear stayed on. Second Date is probably the world’s first orgasmic clothed Virtual Reality film.



Real-life casual partners Maron de Sade and Malcolm Lovejoy have been sorely missing one another since the last time they played. Desires are palpable in this unscripted reunion. As a SPIT affiliate production, content has been produced by SPIT and is owned by the performers.

Maron de Sade & Malcolm Lovejoy enjoy each other’s company (and bodies) in a lighthearted but steamy bedroom scene with lots of lusty kissing, cunnilingus, penis-in-vagina penetration, and sweat dripping. They are real life casual play partners who haven’t seen each other for an extended period, and their desire for one another is palpable! It is an unscripted scene; the opening scene begins right as their pre-scene negotiation chat is finishing. This scene is one of SPIT’s affiliated content projects wherein SPIT produces films that are 100% owned by the performers in the video in order to help centre performers in the porn production experience and normalize the ownership of work by performers.

Ninja Approved: Toronto

Ninja Approved: Toronto showcases the real life couple Sif & Clint Black as they discuss their love and share their intimacy with Ninjas Camera.

Nympho Ninjas has created another passionate film, a deeply romantic portrayal of a Toronto based couple shot in pure day light at golden hour. Sif and Clint invite us into their warm and unique relationship and share with us the secret to their love and unending lust. The couple take us on a walk through the park where we fall hard for their love story and later invite us into their bedroom. Ninjas once again uses his aesthetic ingenuity to create an atmosphere of safety and trust, while simultaneously building the tension that creates genuinely beautiful pornography.



in porno terms, hardcore pro-am alt niche content // in our words, revolutionary public access to queer sex.

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