Former U.S .- slave, Marie Scott – now a vampire – got a second chance at living. This type of life comes with a price. Enactone is a glimpse into queer, erotic rituals for a yearly vampire holiday. The question is, can Marie Scott resist the most prime orgasmic blood?

Enactone is a queer vampire film directed, written and starred in by Sky Deep. It is the story of a vampire who was once a slave in the southern U.S. about 100 years ago who is seeking more meaning in her eternal walk.  As a black vampire woman who’s thirst for blood intensifies during erotic encounters, her path leads her through challenges in identity and fighting the hunger.

BED PARTY: Jack HammerXL and Nikki Darling

Behind the scenes look at the sex life of porn’s kinky couple.

Director Shine Louise Houston is back with her critically acclaimed Bed Party once again flipping the porno script with a “Porno Vérité” documentary style look into the private sex lives of some of porn’s couples. Pansexual Jack Hammer XL is an expert rope and BDSM practitioner who’s found a partner in queerly fluid Nikki Darling. They share a love for power play, pleasure, bondage and breath play. If you want to see what tender and thoughtful rough sex looks like, look no further.

Nikki’s tremendous deep throat skills are well rewarded with numerous magic wand induced orgasms as she writhes relentlessly against the ropes. BDSM is so rarely captured in this beautiful and natural light reflecting the trust, passion and honesty when flesh meets flesh.

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