Jessica Sinclaire and Dre star in this film about what happens when you’re trying to leave the house, but you hit a little Distraction…

Jessica Sinclaire and her date, Dre, are about to head about for a night on the town. Unfortunately, Dre’s red shirt and Jessica’s red dress prove to be a little distracting to each other. Come along for the ride as Jessica and Dre share their adventures with us – squirting, giggling, spanking, and fucking their way to being too late to make the party.


Crushing hard on someone? The energy is palpable, electric, and intense. James Darling and AnnaBelle Lee dive right into that spark. Every hair on your body will stand up as you watch the genuine pleasure they share. You’ll Quiver.

When you’ve been crushing hard on someone, and you finally meet. The energy is palpable, electric, and intense, and James Darling and AnnaBelle Lee dive right into that spark. Every hair on your body will stand up as you watch the genuine pleasure shared by these two gorgeous humans. You’ll Quiver.

Watch James and AnnaBelle as they feel their way through their online crush and make it a reality right in front of your eyes. Filmed on a sunny day in Toronto, the light catches every bit of the blowjobs, eating out, and everything in between, that these two have to offer.


Give in, be taken. Michele and Dawn invite you to subvert gender, get flogged, and switch up everything with them in give/take.

Give to your partner, take from your partner. Give in, be taken. Michele and Dawn are a real life couple that operates outside of gender norms. Their switchy dance is perfectly recorded in this hour-long true-to-experience clip. The rope comes out to play, along with a bicycle tube flogger, butt toys, and plenty of lube.

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Cine Sinclaire is a super hot ethically minded feminist porn site that wants you to feel represented, welcome, and most importantly, all fired up.

Cine Sinclaire is a hardcore porn production company and clip store that launched to the public on January 1, 2016. Our goal is to feature stories and sexual experiences from a multitude of realities – from those that like it soft and vanilla, to spanky, squirty BDSM and everything in between. Our goal is to make you feel welcome, and to represent folks on screen that might not otherwise see themselves there – and do it all while getting your mind and body all fired up.

The site also operates a clip store, encouraging local and international porn makers to share their DIY and indie work with the world!

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Join Samantha Leigh and Jessica Sinclaire in a gushy, sexy, femmey romp. Centring femme identity and sub/dom dynamics, you’ll want to keep coming back for more.

The power of femme friendship knows no bounds, and neither do Samantha Leigh and Jessica Sinclaire. Shot continuously in one afternoon, Femmes follows Samantha and Jessica as they explore and enjoy each other’s bodies and minds by centring femme identity and sub/dom dynamics. From spanking to fisting, cuffs, and collars, this is an hour long romp through trust and femme friendship. Fans of squirting will not be disappointed.

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