Second Date

Second Date is a lighthearted, unscripted Virtual Reality 3D 360° portrait of two young people fumbling towards ecstasy. Trying to find common ground, their conversation veers from clumsy to joyous and back again —  until they finally start connecting for real.

The film shoot had a special structure: Second Date was indeed Anne and Bishop’s second date. As conceived by Jennifer, the point of the film was to let intimacy naturally develop between them. Jennifer assured Anne and Bishop that their individual spontaneous natural expression was much more important than having sex, or even kissing. Whatever happened during Second Date, or didn’t happen, should be completely up to them.

In the end, Anne and Bishop’s second date was a huge success. It reached an orgasmic conclusion, even though their underwear stayed on. Second Date is probably the world’s first orgasmic clothed Virtual Reality film.


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