Malcolm Lovejoy

Malcolm Lovejoy wants to show you how he gets himself off. Set to his own soundtrack, this collaborating will tickle you in just the right spot.

In this sexy short collaboration, Malcolm Lovejoy shows us just exactly how he gets himself off – in a beautiful patch of sunlight on the edge of the bed. A collaboration in the truest sense, Malcolm himself wrote the backing track, which director Kate Sinclaire then cut the film to. Malcolm was a consulting editor, ensuring that the feel of the final film matched how he wanted to be depicted.


Real-life casual partners Maron de Sade and Malcolm Lovejoy have been sorely missing one another since the last time they played. Desires are palpable in this unscripted reunion. As a SPIT affiliate production, content has been produced by SPIT and is owned by the performers.

Maron de Sade & Malcolm Lovejoy enjoy each other’s company (and bodies) in a lighthearted but steamy bedroom scene with lots of lusty kissing, cunnilingus, penis-in-vagina penetration, and sweat dripping. They are real life casual play partners who haven’t seen each other for an extended period, and their desire for one another is palpable! It is an unscripted scene; the opening scene begins right as their pre-scene negotiation chat is finishing. This scene is one of SPIT’s affiliated content projects wherein SPIT produces films that are 100% owned by the performers in the video in order to help centre performers in the porn production experience and normalize the ownership of work by performers.

Cine Sinclaire is a super hot ethically minded feminist porn site that wants you to feel represented, welcome, and most importantly, all fired up.

Cine Sinclaire is a hardcore porn production company and clip store that launched to the public on January 1, 2016. Our goal is to feature stories and sexual experiences from a multitude of realities – from those that like it soft and vanilla, to spanky, squirty BDSM and everything in between. Our goal is to make you feel welcome, and to represent folks on screen that might not otherwise see themselves there – and do it all while getting your mind and body all fired up.

The site also operates a clip store, encouraging local and international porn makers to share their DIY and indie work with the world!

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