It Is Not the Pornographer That Is Perverse…

“It Is Not the Pornographer That Is Perverse…” is an omnibus film comprised of four short films with interconnected themes and overlapping characters, written and directed by Bruce LaBruce.

“Diablo in Madrid” is inspired by the Pasolini short film “La Terra vista dalla Luna” (“The Earth Seen From the Moon”), which was itself a segment in an omnibus film called “The Witches, ” released in 1967. In “Diablo in Madrid,” a diminutive devil (Allen King) emerges from the underworld and begins to seduce all the men who are mourning in a large cemetery. An angel starts to observe his diabolical doings and finally confronts him, resulting in an epic battle between good and evil.

“Uber Menschen” finds a professor (Colby Keller) visiting Madrid from Buenos Aires contemplating killing himself by jumping off the Viaducto de Segovia, a notorious site for suicides. When his young Uber driver (Calvin Banks) figures out what his fare is up to on the way to the bridge, he talks him out of it and offers him a very personal tour of the city instead.

“Purple Army Fiction” is a re-working of certain ideas developed in LaBruce’s feature film “The Raspberry Reich.” In the near future, a terrorist group called the Purple Army Faction (PAF) has formed to reduce reproduction in a dangerously over-populated world. To that end, they kidnap unsuspecting heterosexual men and fuckwash them to the gay cause. The three members of the PAF in the film are played by Arad Winwin, Dato Foland, and Levi Karter, while the straight abductee is played by international porn legend Francois Sagat, who appeared in LaBruce’s 2010 movie “L.A. Zombie.”

“Fleapit” is an homage to those films that depict people making out and having sex in movie theatres, from Lamberto Bava’s “Demons” to Frank Perry’s “Last Summer” and beyond. In the seventies, a grimy movie theatre that showed B-movies, exploitation films, and softcore porn was called a “fleapit.” In“Fleapit,” a group of eleven people watching Bruce LaBruce’s “The Raspberry Reich” in a crumby theatre slowly start to flirt with each other, becoming more and more sexually aroused as they watch the porn on screen until they become part of the porn film themselves. The film stars Arad WinWin, Dato Foland, and Levi Karter from “Purple Army Faction,” along with porn stars A.J. Alexander, Bishop Black, and a cast of Berlin non-porn performers.

The project was commissioned and co-produced by Jake Jaxson, and co-produced by AMARD BIRD Films and Bruce LaBruce.

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