Gone: A Story of Love and Courage (2015)

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“Gone” takes us inside the world of Rebecca and Todd, a couple deeply in love but destined to part. The film is a portrait not merely of consensual BDSM — It showcases passion, trust, and depth of commitment by which sex is transformed beyond the simple expression of desire into something far more fundamental and life affirming. Further, at the risk of revealing too much, “Gone” is also a political commentary, exploring global politics’ impact on real lives in a way that is both visceral and raw.

A beautiful and intimate story, “Gone” was inspired by a Sssh member. Rowntree, writer Natalia Cross, and the real-life Rebecca worked collaboratively to create the narrative behind “Gone” — one that explores a world wherein a woman is forced to survive in a house, dungeon, and life without her beloved. The screenplay was then adapted by Kitten Boheme.

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