Dirty Feet
Film details: Dirty Feet, Erika Lust, Spain, 00:13, 2018

Lucy and Miro are real life partners exploring polyamory and BDSM. An homage to the eroticism of the feet, Lucy and Miro suck, lick and savor each other’s toes, and whole bodies, in beautiful intimacy and sexual passion.

Film details: Dressup, Canada, 24:22, 2017

In this film, C.K. Lovely does Malcolm Lovejoy’s makeup while he talks about his complicated relationship to masculinity and femininity, ending with a passionate sex scene between the two.

Furniture Porn Project
Film details: Furniture Porn Project, France/Germany, 10'26'', 2017

+++the hottest Louis Philippe wardrobes in a 10km radius around yours — this kinky little bed side table open for a one night stand — Central_Island_Unit sent you a private message+++

Film details: genesis, Amanda Lindenbach, Canada, 03:21, 2017

A solo experimental art-porn retelling the first pages of the book of genesis.

Labia of Love
Film details: Labia of Love, Australia, 4.30, 2018
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A short experimental film about loving your labia directed by Morgana Muses.

Oral Exam
Film details: Oral Exam, Australia, 7:17, 2018

Dion De Rossi and Rooster X-Ray are supposed to be studying for tomorrow’s exam but they’re both horny. Dion has a solution but things don’t work out quite as planned. If nothing else, Roo totally masters the oral examination.

Film details: Piedad (Mercy). Country: Spain, Germany. Length: 16'13''. Year: 2018.

Three sex-workers try to satisfy the posthumous desires of a client. Love, friendship, sex in unthinkable ways, comedy, music and unexpected burials in a postporn romantic thriller very difficult to classify.

Take Me Like The Sea
Film details: Take Me Like The Sea, Salty , Germany, 38'38, 2017

What could be the link between Mozart, a blowjob and a coffee machine?

Tie Me Up! A Shibari Documentary
Film details: Tie Me Up! A Shibari Documentary, Erika Lust, Spain, 00:22, 2017

With conversations from four experienced riggers and models, this erotic documentary explores the art and craft of Shibari rope tying – and shows us just how sexy the experience can be!

Touch Crimes
Film details: Touch Crimes, Sally Fenaux Barleycorn, 00:14, Spain, 2017
We Are The Fucking World
Film details: We Are The Fucking World, Spain, 32:36 minutes, 2017

This orgy film features 9 performers, including Trans, non-binary, queer and cis-gendered people. Olympe de G. returns with her 4th film for Erika Lust, adding a delicious dose of diversity and truly open, accepting and beautiful pleasure.

Writing in Bed
Film details: Writing in Bed, USA, 19:13, 2017
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A mean case of writer’s block and noisy roommates make it very hard for Parker to get any work done.

Heartthrobs of the Year

Rooster (from the film Oral Exam)
and Caritia (from the film Ritual + Worship)

Hottest Newcomer

Icy Winters (from the film The Icy Winters Show: Episode One)