A is for Aliens
Film details: A is for Aliens, United States, 00:11:34, 2016

An erotic fan fiction fantasy experiment based in part on the teen drama “Pretty Little Liars” and the work of Toshio Saeki.

Film details: A WOMAN BRUSHING HER TEETH, Deike Schwarz, Germany, 00:02, 2017

to brush to lick to blow to puff
to smell to sneeze to gag to laugh
to groan to moan to gulp to smack .

Film details: Ages of sex, Spanish, running time: 01:57:57, production year 2017.

4 directors will direct a short which represents a woman’s sexual reality in her 30s, 40s 50s and 60s. In order to achieve this, each story is shot by a director who is close in age to the protagonists.

Film details: Aspik, Germany, 6 min, 2017

Can you get high from bathing in a DIY-built transparent bathtub filled with 100 liters of vegan jelly?
Genderqueer performer Finn Peaks tried it out in this wet and messy fetish ritual…

Film details: Bathtime, Canada, 11:57, 2017

A short, sweet, relaxing film about masturbating in a beautiful bathtub in the woods, this film was shot on vacation by Icy Winters and Salt Jizney as a memento of their time together.

Film details: BIRTHDAY, USA, 6:31 2018
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A night out, an old friend, and a special treat coalesce in this temporal soft core short by Shine Louise Houston. 

breakfast in bed
Film details: breakfast in bed, USA, 2:15, 2016

this boys hole is warm and ready to make their lover’s favorite breakfast

Dark Room
Film details: Dark Room, Buck Angel, Japan, 00:05, 2017

Tokyo has been an amazing journey so far; today I’m here with Axel Abysse as we explore each other and shoot for Buck-Angel.com in a beautiful Bathhouse. Intertwined and sucking one another

Film details: Daybreak, United States, 10m46s, 2016
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Daybreak is about the pleasures of morning, when two lovers enjoy in the beautiful erotic life they share together with joy and surprise.

Film details: Devourable, Australia, 12:05, 2017
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Real life polyamorous couple JanEva and Calliope are passionate sexual adventurers. In this erotic documentary, they celebrate spring with a romantic romp in a nearby park and a raunchy bit of roleplay involving heels and Dr. Frank n Furter.

Dice Girls
Film details: Taken from "Aphrodisiacs", 34:15, 2017

Three girls share a steamy afternoon where their pleasure is decided by the roll of a dice.

Dirty Feet
Film details: Dirty Feet, Erika Lust, Spain, 00:13, 2018

Lucy and Miro are real life partners exploring polyamory and BDSM. An homage to the eroticism of the feet, Lucy and Miro suck, lick and savor each other’s toes, and whole bodies, in beautiful intimacy and sexual passion.

Film details: Distraction, Canada, 33:25, 2017

Jessica Sinclaire and Dre star in this film about what happens when you’re trying to leave the house, but you hit a little Distraction…

Film details: Dressup, Canada, 24:22, 2017

In this film, C.K. Lovely does Malcolm Lovejoy’s makeup while he talks about his complicated relationship to masculinity and femininity, ending with a passionate sex scene between the two.

Even the Cutest Kittens
Film details: Even the Cutest Kittens, Germany, 4:06 mins, 2017

A bouncy, happy song and dance Sex Health PSA.

Furniture Porn Project
Film details: Furniture Porn Project, France/Germany, 10'26'', 2017

+++the hottest Louis Philippe wardrobes in a 10km radius around yours — this kinky little bed side table open for a one night stand — Central_Island_Unit sent you a private message+++

Film details: genesis, Amanda Lindenbach, Canada, 03:21, 2017

A solo experimental art-porn retelling the first pages of the book of genesis.

Glory Hole Goddess
Film details: Glory Hole Goddess,(Dir)Jason Jones, Canada, 16.31 mins, 2017

Tattooed beauty Dahlia Dee and her partner Steve Fuchs venture inside Oasis Aqualounge to explore a glory hole structure. Dahlia Dee assumes control over her pleasure and indulges in the anonymity created by a wall and a hole.

Green Velvet
Film details: Berlin 2017, 11,30 min

The floating body gets cached out of the water and is taken to a wild journey.
– Nature- BdSM – journey . inside – out and underwater experience at the lake begins.

Hapy Meal
Film details: Hapy Meal, Canada, 21:06, 2017

In this cutesy comedy film, Icy’s femme daddy Salt Jizney brings her home a Happy Meal, but won’t let her eat without making her earn it first.

Horny Fruits – Wild Kitchen Dreams
Film details: Horny Fruits - Wild Kitchen Dreams

Desire begins at the first touch.

Hot Power Couple
Film details: Hot Power Couple, Erika Lust, 00:23, 2017
House Call
Film details: Hausbesuch/House Call, Germany, 7 min, 2017

*spir@lena* crushed her* leg while masturbating and is forced to stay in bed. But luckily, the mobile nursing service drops by and cheers her* up – with a bed-pan, dried plums and aphrodisiacal injections…

Inbetween Wonderland 1977
Film details: Inbetween Wonderland 1977, 27 min 35 sec 2017

A collage of over eighty adult films from 1977, the year of the filmmaker’s birth.

It Is Not the Pornographer That Is Perverse…
Film details: It Is Not the Pornographer That Is Perverse..., Bruce LaBruce, Germany/USA, 70 min, 2017

An omnibus film comprised of four short films with interconnected themes and overlapping characters, written and directed by Bruce LaBruce.

Labia of Love
Film details: Labia of Love, Australia, 4.30, 2018
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A short experimental film about loving your labia directed by Morgana Muses.

Madonna and Child
Film details: Madonna and Child, Canada, 02:53, 2013

Madonna and child is a performance for the camera where my co-performer and I have swapped genders and engage in the action of breast feeding.

Malcolm Lovejoy
Film details: Malcolm Lovejoy, Canada, 2:28, 2017

Malcolm Lovejoy wants to show you how he gets himself off. Set to his own soundtrack, this collaborating will tickle you in just the right spot.

Money Shot Menage
Film details: Money Shot Menage,(Dir) Jason Jones, Canada, 32.46 min., 2017

Budding porn star Ginger Liqueur participated in a ‘Money Shot; Porn Star Try Out’ event at Oasis Aqualounge. Ginger then choose her favorite contestants to shoot a live porn with. This is their Money Shot Ménage!

My Body My Rules
Film details: my body my rules, Émilie Jouvet, France, 00:60, 2017
Oral Exam
Film details: Oral Exam, Australia, 7:17, 2018

Dion De Rossi and Rooster X-Ray are supposed to be studying for tomorrow’s exam but they’re both horny. Dion has a solution but things don’t work out quite as planned. If nothing else, Roo totally masters the oral examination.

Film details: Piedad (Mercy). Country: Spain, Germany. Length: 16'13''. Year: 2018.

Three sex-workers try to satisfy the posthumous desires of a client. Love, friendship, sex in unthinkable ways, comedy, music and unexpected burials in a postporn romantic thriller very difficult to classify.

Pool Politics
Film details: Pool Politics, Justine Mii, UK, 00:05, 2017

Nestled in the Spanish countryside, there’s a Guesthouse where visitors enjoys more than just the sunshine on their bodies.

POW (Piss Off, War)
Film details: POW (Piss Off, War), Werther Germondari and Maria Laura Spagnoli, Italy, 08:47, 2018

During a war, the battle rages. At the back, the atmosphere seems quieter, but in reality also there we can find hallucinating situations…

Film details: Prey, USA, 4min, 2017

A post-apocalyptic horror short that uses kink as a tool to explore themes of hopelessness, fear and death.

Film details: Quiver, Canada, 30:01, 2017

Crushing hard on someone? The energy is palpable, electric, and intense. James Darling and AnnaBelle Lee dive right into that spark. Every hair on your body will stand up as you watch the genuine pleasure they share. You’ll Quiver.

Refugee’s Welcome
Film details: Refugee's Welcome, Berlin, 00:30, 2016

I’d always had to hide my sexuality where I came from, but in this new place, with this new man and these new friends that I was gradually accumulating, I felt so free, so welcomed. Home.

Revolution Between My legs
Film details: "Revolution between my legs" USA 3:33 2015

Courtney Trouble surrenders to Bella Vendetta as Bella writes poetry across their gorgeous naked body, covers them in hot wax and then allows them to break free. Altporn/Artporn at it’s finest. Femme on femme performance art. Softcore fetish nudity.

Ritual + Worship
Film details: Ritual + Worship, Germany/ Australia, 16 mins, 2017
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A short docu-portrait about Caritia, a wildly erotic, London born, Berlin-based creative of Afro-Caribbean descent who is setting up her next BDSM workshop. An intimate documentary about her philosophy and practice.

Second Date
Film details: Second Date, Netherlands/USA, 16min30sec, 2017

Second Date is a lighthearted, unscripted Virtual Reality 3D 360° portrait of two young people fumbling towards ecstasy. Trying to find common ground, their conversation veers from clumsy to joyous, and back — until they finally start connecting for real.

Since You Asked So Nicely
Film details: Since You Asked So Nicely, Australia, 12:53, 2016

Friends and fuck buddies Pandora Blake and Parker Marx meet in Berlin and head back to her flat for tea. The sexual tension between them rises and overflows – but this isn’t your usual straight porn scene.

Film details: Smack, Werther Germondari and Maria Laura Spagnoli, Italy, 00:06, 2016

‘Smack’ is a story about a funny accident during a fetish session, and is one of the episodes that will form ‘SEX NOVO (sex in the background)’ second film in progress about sex, by Werther Germondari and Maria Laura Spagnoli.

Film details: Spread, Germany, 00:05:42, 2017

Spread is a mixed media collage Tarot reading. Reimagining historical archetypal symbols of meaning making, Spread explores their erotic potential and and invites the viewer to indulge in the pleasure of their fate.

Take Me Like The Sea
Film details: Take Me Like The Sea, Salty , Germany, 38'38, 2017

What could be the link between Mozart, a blowjob and a coffee machine?

Film details: Take Me Through The Looking Glass, Olympe de G., Spain, 13:43, 2017

I knew this woman who went to a peep show. She wanted to see but not be touched, she wanted fantasies, but not contact. But then, on the other side of the looking glass… there was THIS MAN.

Technicolor Femmes
Film details: Technicolor Femmes,(Dir)Jason Jones, Canada, 16.07 minutes, 2017

Porn star/cam model Dahlia Dee invites playmate Max Alchemy to join her at Oasis Aqualounge for a live porn shoot. What ensues is a mesmerizing, femme-on-femme scene that is juicy, genuine and captivating.

The Best Quickie You’ll Ever Have
Film details: The Best Quickie You'll Ever Have, Jacquie Ray, USA, 00:05, 2017
Film details: The Bitchhiker, Olympe de G., Germany, 16:39, 2016

I’ve always wanted a man who would be man enough to be my passenger, on a huge, powerful motorbike. Man enough to still want me. Man enough to not need to have heteronormative sex.

The Icy Winters Show: Episode One
Film details: The Icy Winters Show: Episode One, Canada, 23:06, 2018

In a fictional version of Toronto where porn pirates rule the streets, porn star Icy Winters has just retired, but when she does, a local scumbag finds a way to keep pirating her content long after she’s retired.

The Toilet Line
Film details: The Toilet Line, Germany, 12.19 Minutes, 2017

Two women are waiting in the line for the bathroom, the chemistry between the strangers thick in the smoky warehouse air. When they get into the cubicle, prepare for rough lesbian sex like you’ve never seen before.

The ugly doll / La muñeca fea
Film details: The ugly doll / La muñeca fea, George Reyes and Claudia López García, Mexico and USA, 1:29, 2016
Tie Me Up! A Shibari Documentary
Film details: Tie Me Up! A Shibari Documentary, Erika Lust, Spain, 00:22, 2017

With conversations from four experienced riggers and models, this erotic documentary explores the art and craft of Shibari rope tying – and shows us just how sexy the experience can be!

Touch Crimes
Film details: Touch Crimes, Sally Fenaux Barleycorn, 00:14, Spain, 2017
Film details: Tribute, UK, 6:39mins, 2018

Steeped in fantasy “Tribute” is inspired by a hot dyke cruising film shot in the early 90s, revisiting the same historical London cruising ground cemetery location. Starring Lina Bembe and Max Disgrace.

Tube Site Punishment
Film details: "Tube Site Punishment" USA 9 :42 2017

Bella Vendetta catches her submissive Brook Rain watching porn on tube sites and punishes her with a good, hard spanking while telling her about the dangers of tube sites.

Film details: Turiya (Russia 2017)

Short film with transgender themes, which describes internal practices.

Turkish Glitch Story #1 The Wheelchair Rolls, and so Does the Thunder
Film details: Turkish Glitch Story #1 The Wheelchair Rolls, and so Does the Thunder, France, 1'30''

Turkish Glitch Stories, 1st Part: Turkey, sping 1979. The day you forgot to lock my wheels.

Film details: Unbridled, Marcus Quillan, UK, 10:19, 2018

The first film from Thousand Faces, making theatrical, progressive porn that explores the intersection of performance and emotion. This film is based on a play created by Second Self Ensemble theatre company.

Urbex Fuckers
Film details: Urbex Fucker, Brazil, 2017

After invading an old building, four friends get possessed by a mysterious energy and they turn into real bitchs, fucking each other like they never did before

Film details: Wanderlust, Australia, 20:36, 2017

This POV film is pure escapism. Let me take you on an immersive journey through the outdoors. Find me along the path and follow me to the edge of the valley.

We Are The Fucking World
Film details: We Are The Fucking World, Spain, 32:36 minutes, 2017

This orgy film features 9 performers, including Trans, non-binary, queer and cis-gendered people. Olympe de G. returns with her 4th film for Erika Lust, adding a delicious dose of diversity and truly open, accepting and beautiful pleasure.

Writing in Bed
Film details: Writing in Bed, USA, 19:13, 2017
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A mean case of writer’s block and noisy roommates make it very hard for Parker to get any work done.

Yes Campaign
Film details: Yes Campaign, Australia, 8:25, 2017

A whimsical, sex positive look at the many wonderful ways we can say Yes to each other. Inspired by the recent marriage equality vote in Australia, this film is a celebration of acceptance and consent.