A Blowjob and a Hookah
Film details: A Blowjob and a Hookah, USA, 35 mins, 2015

An intimate, home movie style evening where a blow job becomes the main event.

All My Mother’s Lovers
Film details: All My Mother's Lovers, United States, 1:26:46 hrs, 2016

Young Freya finds herself following in her mother’s footsteps to the front door of a lesbian commune and into the arms of her mother’s lovers. Seduced by the beautiful women living on the country estate, this is a sensual tale of a naive girl’s sexual awakening.

BED PARTY: Jack HammerXL and Nikki Darling
Film details: BED PARTY: Jack HammerXL and Nikki Darling, USA, 20:53, 2016
Watch online

Behind the scenes look at the sex life of porn’s kinky couple.

Film details: Birth, USA, 2016

Rendered barren by a recently discovered medical condition, Lilith Luxe is filled with Jesse James’ fist as the two are overheard having an intimate conversation about loneliness, emptiness, and family.

Blue Room
Film details: Blue Room, Germany, 15:48min, 2016

Watch Jiz Lee and Mad Kate’s first sexual encounter, beautifully captured by filmmaker Goodyn Green.

Film details: Breathe, Germany, 19:53min, 2016

Jasko Fide and Sadie Lune feature in erotic whipping fantasy, just remember to breathe.

Film details: Breathtaking, Australia, 17.17, 2016

A beautiful, intense weekend with two friends captured on film. Watch as Morgana experiences her first breath play at the hands of the experienced conscious kink practitioner Caritia.

Film details: BrightDesire.com, Australia, since 2012

Bright Desire is an independent, one-woman site that aims to celebrate connection, intimacy, fantasy, laughter and real pleasure.

Film details: CineSinclaire.com, Canada, website, 2016

Cine Sinclaire is a super hot ethically minded feminist porn site that wants you to feel represented, welcome, and most importantly, all fired up.

Film details: COMING OUT OF SPACE, Germany, 15min, 2016

Two lesbian women from out of space collide on earth. In super-slow-motion they fall on each other and start exploring their new body feeling on earth: weightlessness wanes, gravity starts – a playful encounter with lesbian sex.

Cum is not peeing
Film details: Correrse no es mearse-Cum is not peeing/Mexico/00:08:00/2015

This video attempts to demystify some ideas that have about the female pleasure, ideas that has been imposed by the heteropatriarchy to dominate.

Dark Circus
Film details: Dark Circus, Germany, 89min. 2016

Dark Circus is a story of transformation, a trip to the inner self, from deepest desires to darkest nightmares.

Film details: Eden, USA, 22:29, 2017

Eden is a slice of life into Ivy and Willow’s relationship. This real life couple enjoy hiking in the woods and let me film their sexy and sometimes kinky romps.

Film details: Enactone, Germany , 51 min 46 sec, 2016
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Former U.S .- slave, Marie Scott – now a vampire – got a second chance at living. This type of life comes with a price. Enactone is a glimpse into queer, erotic rituals for a yearly vampire holiday. The question is, can Marie Scott resist the most prime orgasmic blood?

Film details: Eros, U.S.A., 1:58, 2017

A divine mystic witch takes a milky hot bath with herself in the futuristic steam computer.

Film details: ETAGE X, Germany, 14min, 2016

An accidental meeting in an elevator at a department store leads two older women to their limits and forces them to improvise by the time the elevator gets stuck.

Feminist & Submissive
Film details: Feminist &Submissive, Spain, 49min, 2017

Can you be a feminist and be submissive? An intense BDSM scene between Owen Gray and Lina Bembe is accompanied by a roundtable discussion between Erika and voices within the BDSM world. Fancy some politics with your sex?

Film details: Femmes, Canada, 1:00:56, 2016

Join Samantha Leigh and Jessica Sinclaire in a gushy, sexy, femmey romp. Centring femme identity and sub/dom dynamics, you’ll want to keep coming back for more.


Chelsea Poe teams up with Stefani Special and Kelli Lox to create a holy trifecta of kinky, lusty perversion, from the point of view of three strong, sexy, and submissive trans women.

Fifty Shades Of A Tranny
Film details: Fifty Shades of A Tranny, United States, 1:32:48

A documentary-porn featuring female to male and male to female couple as they explore their kinks over three days.

Film details: FTM.XXX, USA, Website

Hottest trans guys in one site!

Film details: give/take, Canada, 56:25, 2016

Give in, be taken. Michele and Dawn invite you to subvert gender, get flogged, and switch up everything with them in give/take.

Film details: Glitter/Gold, USA, 3 hours, 2016

April Flores and Courtney Trouble, long-time collaborators and friends, have come together to present Fat Girl Fantasies as a 2-film collaboration, GLITTER/GOLD

Gone: A Story of Love and Courage (2015)
Film details: Gone: A Story of Love and Courage, US, 33 minutes and 23 seconds, 2015
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“Gone” (2015) takes us inside the world of Rebecca and Todd, a couple deeply in love but destined to part. The film is a portrait not merely of Rebecca and Todd’s sex life, but the passion, trust and depth of commitment by which sex is transformed beyond the simple expression of desire and into something far more fundamental and affirming. A beautiful and intimate story, inspired by a Sssh.com member.

Hand Jobs
Film details: Hand Jobs, Australia, 5:45 min, 2015

Writing. Doing The dishes. Turning a key. Touching. Feeling. And fucking. The mundane mixes with the sensual in this short film as two people meet, touch and connect with their eyes, lips and – most importantly – their hands.
This film is online at BrightDesire.com

Having my cake
Film details: 2015

A sumptuous film detailing a woman’s journey to Paris where she manages to not only have her cake, but eat it as well. Starring Morgana Muses and Bishop Black.

Film details: Heat, Germany, 16', 2016

She finds him in a dark corner among the crowd and they surrender to each other to the beat of the music. The heat wave spreads to the crowd, feeding off the collective passion and taking the whole club down it it.

I am whole
Film details: I am whole, australia, 18.39, 2015

I Am Whole is a short narrative film on the Jungian concept “I must also have a dark side if I am to be whole.” It aims to explore the possible co-existence of disparate sexual desire within the self and celebrates the journey to self acceptance.

Film details: Immersed, Australia, 6:50min, 2016

“I dream a scenario. It takes me over. I am immersed, if only for a brief time.”
Bishop Black indulges in a dance of sensuality before lying back on the bare parquetry floor for a session of self-pleasure. The natural light plays across his perfectly sculpted body as he closes his eyes and immerses himself in the joy of his own body.

Last Call
Film details: Germany,9.40Minutes,2015

“Last call” tells the story of a woman alone in a bar. While chatting with the barkeeper she gets attracted to a couple sitting nearby at a table. She starts dreaming about sexual intercourse with these two.

Film details: NaughtyNatural.com, USA, up since 2011

NaughtyNatural.com features all natural women in all natural environments shot by a natural woman and model herself; Nikki Silver.

Ninja Approved: Toronto
Film details: Ninja Approved: Toronto, Canada, 29:48, 2016

Ninja Approved: Toronto showcases the real life couple Sif & Clint Black as they discuss their love and share their intimacy with Ninjas Camera.

Please May I Come, Mistress
Film details: Please May I Come, Mistress - UK, 16:41, 2016

A gorgeously intimate docu-portrait of loving female dominance, orgasm denial and impact play between two real life play partners.

Film details: Porn/Love, USA, 35 minutes

this cute couple came to play in the troublefilms house and give us a lot of sweaty make outs, beard rubbing, pit sniffing, romantic butt sex to swoon over for years to come.

Film details: QueerPorn.TV

in porno terms, hardcore pro-am alt niche content // in our words, revolutionary public access to queer sex.

Film details: Reunited (2016), Canada, 18min 44sec

Real-life casual partners Maron de Sade and Malcolm Lovejoy have been sorely missing one another since the last time they played. Desires are palpable in this unscripted reunion. As a SPIT affiliate production, content has been produced by SPIT and is owned by the performers.

See Me
Film details: See Me, Australia, 2:54 min, 2016

Who do you see?
A stereotypical “good girl”?
Someone who needs your sympathy?

Seven Minutes In Heaven
Film details: Seven Minutes In Heaven, USA, 1 hour 56 minutes, 2015

Seven Minutes In Heaven (TROUBLEfilms) is the 4th and final installation of my ongoing 7MIH series, an avant-guarde look at how we make porn. I ask 7 unique queer individuals to work on a come-as-you-are all-day filming event, and they come, spin the bottle, cruise their crushes, talk to the reality-show-esque TV confessional, and spend all day in bed – the cameras lovingly follow.

Film details: SNAPSHOT, USA 65min 2017
Watch online

SNAPSHOT is an erotic suspense thriller starring queer women of color.

Tangled Heartstrings
Film details: Tangled Heartstrings

Tangled Heart Strings is the new erotic mockumentary film from director Madison Young. What happens when a rocker, a femme and their guitar form a queer poly love triangle?

Tboys + Tgirls
Film details: Tboys + Tgirls
Watch online

FTMFUCKER and James Darling proudly present “Tboys +Tgirls!” Beautiful transsexual men and women get it on in four scorching hot scenes

The 36-Year-Old Virgin
Film details: The 36-Year-Old Virgin, Germany, 29 minutes, 2016

A sweet coming-of-middle-age sex documentary…

Skyler was too busy saving sex for marriage to try out standard heterosexual practices like penis in vagina sex during his youth as a bible-thumping teenage girl…

The Bedroom.
Film details: The Bedroom, Australia, 82mins, 2016

The second explicit feature from award-winning feminist erotic filmmaker Anna Brownfield has something for everybody; straight, gay, lesbian and queer. Set in one bedroom over six decades, The Bedroom explores the exciting changes to sex through the ages.

So come behind the close doors of an Australian bedroom, where you will be tantalized, titillated and might even learn something along the way.

The Character Inside Me
Film details: The Character Inside Me (Die Figur in mir), Germany 2015, 15:45 min

Markus is the city’s most popular public pisser. That’s what we learn on his blog where he posts his videos. In these he seems unrestrained and shameless. Yet behind the digital facade we meet a self-conscious and shy man. He claims to play a character.

The Training of Poe
Film details: "The Training of Poe" USA, 2:01:50 2017
Watch online

“The Training of Poe” follows Chelsea Poe as she travels to the mountains of western Massachusetts for an intense 3 day slave training with Head Mistress Bella Vendetta in Her old gaurd leather household

The Video Diaries
Film details: The Video Diaries, Australia, 47.21, 2017

We are Nio, Gala, Laney, Blake, Mew, Sondrine, Gina, Magnolia, and Viva. We are artists, muses, mentors, educators, photographers, poets, speakers, beauties and bitches. And we are wankers, one and all. We were given handicams. We waited until we were alone, and then we turned them on.

Trans Guys Love Cock
Film details: Trans Guys Love Cock, USA, 1:45:46, 2015
Watch online

From the filthy mind of James Darling, FTMFucker.com has released an all-out gay hardcore film. Trans Guys Love cock feature four full length scenes some of the hottest trans male performers with an insatiable craving for hard dick. If you love tattooed, masculine men and filthy gay porn, you’re gonna love these hot guys pounding FTM holes and taking huge loads.

Film details: Trinity, Australia, 5:51 min, 2017

A couple invite a third partner into their bed for an afternoon of experimentation. They share playful, intimate and intense moments in a bisexual threesome – but not everything is as it seems.
This fil

Vital Signs
Film details: Vital Signs, Australia, 4 mins, 2015

Reflections on the queer practice of transgressing the borders of the body and what it means to find safety at the edge.

White Fur
Film details: White Fur, USA, 3:07, 2015

Heralded on by the playful and sometimes unsettling improvisations of a saxophone, this short is a romp in the lives of one wolf mother/puppy trainer and their wolf pups/sled dogs.

XConfessions Vol. 6
Film details: XConfessions Vol. 6, Spain, 99 min , 2016

XConfessions is the crowdsourced erotic project by Erika Lust. Everyday, anonymous people from all around the globe share their secret sex stories for the world to read in xconfessions.com, and Erika chooses the most inspiring to become short films

XConfessions Vol. 8
Film details: Xconfessions Vol. 8

Every day, anonymous people from all over the world send their erotic stories to XConfessions. Erika Lust handpicks the best stories and turns them into artistic explicit short films. Unlike anything you’ve seen before, XConfessions offers a more sophisticated take on adult filmmaking, exploring the boundaries of erotica while shattering stigmas and stereotypes.