Even the Cutest Kittens

A bouncy, happy song and dance Sex Health PSA.

whether you’re straight or queer, poly or mono, here’s a lil SEX HEALTH PSA in the form of a poppy chiptune disco song to listen to before you go out venturing into the big wild world hungry for adventures.

Announcing the Winners of the 2017 Toronto International Porn Festival

We are so grateful to everyone who submitted their films this year and appreciate the hard work, passion and creativity that goes into the craft. Congratulations to all of the nominees. We are thrilled to recognize the following films, performers and directors whose work has stood out for us.

Photo 2017-04-24, 3 10 44 AM.jpg
Writer Eden Baylee presents an award

Sexiest Short

Trinity  Ms. Naughty

Best Short

White Fur   Nikki Silver and Neve Be

Smutty School Teacher Award for Sex Education

Vital Signs Gala Vanting

Most Tantalizing Trans Film

All My Mother’s Lovers Arabelle Raphael and Mona Wales

Hottest Newcomer

Enactone Sky Deep

Hottest Kink Film

ETAGE X Francy Fabritz

Best Direction of an Original Concept

The Bedroom    Anna Brownfield

Hottest Lesbian Vignette

Eden    Nikki Silver

Heartthrob of the Year

Bishop Black

Golden Beaver Award for Canadian Content

Reunited John Bee

Photo 2017-04-24, 3 10 16 AM.jpg
Presenter Carey Gray, Aslan Leather

Best Orgasm

Blue Room Goodyn Green

Best BDSM Scene

Breathe Goodyn Green

Movie of the Year

SNAPSHOT Shine Louise Houston

Indie Porn Icon

Trinity, Hand Jobs, Immersed Ms. Naughty

Hottest Orgy

Last Call Katybit

Most Tantalizing Mature

Please May I Come, Mistress Pandora Blake

Steamiest Straight Movie

Bed Party: Jack HammerXL and Nikki Darling Shine Louise Houston

Photo 2017-04-24, 3 10 32 AM.jpg
Burlesque performer Zyra Lee Vanity

Best Fetish

Having My Cake Morgana Muses

Hottest Straight Vignette

Xconfessions Vol. 8 Erika Lust

Njoy Viewer’s Choice

ETAGE X   Francy Fabritz

Most Dazzling Docu-Porn

Fifty Shades Of A Tranny Ames Bexxx and Michelle Austin

Honourable Mentions

Tangled Heartstrings Madison Young

Gone: A Story of Love and Courage Angie Rowntree

Femmes Kate Sinclaire

Breathtaking Morgana Muses

Honoured Websites



Photo 2017-04-24, 3 10 49 AM.jpg
Performer Jiz Lee, PinkLabel.tv

All Photos credit Mitchel Raphael