Hot Power Couple

This short is all about tension and undeniable passion between lustfully like-minded people who can’t keep their hands off each other. This isn’t stereotypical foursome porn where the men just watch the women have sex. These performers are so turned on by each other, resulting in a real, passionate bisexual scene where the pleasure is distributed plentifully and completely equally.

Touch Crimes

Sally Fenaux Barleycorn explores contrast between a cold, empty alternate dystopian reality and the warm intimacy of sexual, human connection, fighting inhuman politics with bare, open, sexual people, real desire and passion. Sally taps into our most fundamental instincts; the instinct to touch, love, embrace and, of course, fuck! With fantastically sensual lighting and chemistry so strong you’ll practically feel it oozing through the screen.


My Body My Rules

Trailer MY BODY MY RULES from emilie jouvet on Vimeo.

Far from the dictates of current female beauty, MBMR focuses on these other bodies, those who take up space, those that stain, biters, those who devour, those who enjoy as they wish, those age and those who are self-transformed, those who are free and wild. 

Eight people will reveal the magic,cruel, sensuel, powerful relationship they have with their own bodies.The adventure of the film is multiple: the objective is to give voice and images to women whose body or sexuality is seen as non-standard, unseen or without speaking. The film will highlight possible resistance through an intimate portrait gallery, collective experimentations, tantra, exchange of fluids and knowledge, rituals…

A strong political and feminist manifest about body politics, female sexuality and its representation, as well as about diversity and various forms of sexual desire.

It Is Not the Pornographer That Is Perverse…

An omnibus film comprised of four short films with interconnected themes and overlapping characters, written and directed by Bruce LaBruce.

“It Is Not the Pornographer That Is Perverse…” is an omnibus film comprised of four short films with interconnected themes and overlapping characters, written and directed by Bruce LaBruce.

“Diablo in Madrid” is inspired by the Pasolini short film “La Terra vista dalla Luna” (“The Earth Seen From the Moon”), which was itself a segment in an omnibus film called “The Witches, ” released in 1967. In “Diablo in Madrid,” a diminutive devil (Allen King) emerges from the underworld and begins to seduce all the men who are mourning in a large cemetery. An angel starts to observe his diabolical doings and finally confronts him, resulting in an epic battle between good and evil.

“Uber Menschen” finds a professor (Colby Keller) visiting Madrid from Buenos Aires contemplating killing himself by jumping off the Viaducto de Segovia, a notorious site for suicides. When his young Uber driver (Calvin Banks) figures out what his fare is up to on the way to the bridge, he talks him out of it and offers him a very personal tour of the city instead.

“Purple Army Fiction” is a re-working of certain ideas developed in LaBruce’s feature film “The Raspberry Reich.” In the near future, a terrorist group called the Purple Army Faction (PAF) has formed to reduce reproduction in a dangerously over-populated world. To that end, they kidnap unsuspecting heterosexual men and fuckwash them to the gay cause. The three members of the PAF in the film are played by Arad Winwin, Dato Foland, and Levi Karter, while the straight abductee is played by international porn legend Francois Sagat, who appeared in LaBruce’s 2010 movie “L.A. Zombie.”

“Fleapit” is an homage to those films that depict people making out and having sex in movie theatres, from Lamberto Bava’s “Demons” to Frank Perry’s “Last Summer” and beyond. In the seventies, a grimy movie theatre that showed B-movies, exploitation films, and softcore porn was called a “fleapit.” In“Fleapit,” a group of eleven people watching Bruce LaBruce’s “The Raspberry Reich” in a crumby theatre slowly start to flirt with each other, becoming more and more sexually aroused as they watch the porn on screen until they become part of the porn film themselves. The film stars Arad WinWin, Dato Foland, and Levi Karter from “Purple Army Faction,” along with porn stars A.J. Alexander, Bishop Black, and a cast of Berlin non-porn performers.

The project was commissioned and co-produced by Jake Jaxson, and co-produced by AMARD BIRD Films and Bruce LaBruce.

The ugly doll / La muñeca fea

La Muñeca Fea captures incredible women ranging from ages sixty to ninety-five who live in Casa Xochiquetzal, whose wrinkles, scars and deep-feeling eyes tell stories of pain, suffering and occasional joy. The intimacy that the filmmakers share with these women is evidenced by the shooting style – close-ups and extreme close-ups that allows the viewer to get near women who have built a lifetime of walls around them. 
As the film begins, we meet our heroine, a former prostitute in her fifties, Carmen, who created Casa Xochiquetzal as haven for her elderly colleagues, mentors and friends. Soon, she discloses that she has a terminal illness and we are left to wonder how Casa Xochiquetzal will continue without her. A few months later, however, Carmen is suddenly accused of dishonesty, corruption, and misconduct, and she is removed from the house.  

Hairy Casting Couch

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Announcing the Winners of the 2017 Toronto International Porn Festival

We are so grateful to everyone who submitted their films this year and appreciate the hard work, passion and creativity that goes into the craft. Congratulations to all of the nominees. We are thrilled to recognize the following films, performers and directors whose work has stood out for us.

Photo 2017-04-24, 3 10 44 AM.jpg
Writer Eden Baylee presents an award

Sexiest Short

Trinity  Ms. Naughty

Best Short

White Fur   Nikki Silver and Neve Be

Smutty School Teacher Award for Sex Education

Vital Signs Gala Vanting

Most Tantalizing Trans Film

All My Mother’s Lovers Arabelle Raphael and Mona Wales

Hottest Newcomer

Enactone Sky Deep

Hottest Kink Film

ETAGE X Francy Fabritz

Best Direction of an Original Concept

The Bedroom    Anna Brownfield

Hottest Lesbian Vignette

Eden    Nikki Silver

Heartthrob of the Year

Bishop Black

Golden Beaver Award for Canadian Content

Reunited John Bee

Photo 2017-04-24, 3 10 16 AM.jpg
Presenter Carey Gray, Aslan Leather

Best Orgasm

Blue Room Goodyn Green

Best BDSM Scene

Breathe Goodyn Green

Movie of the Year

SNAPSHOT Shine Louise Houston

Indie Porn Icon

Trinity, Hand Jobs, Immersed Ms. Naughty

Hottest Orgy

Last Call Katybit

Most Tantalizing Mature

Please May I Come, Mistress Pandora Blake

Steamiest Straight Movie

Bed Party: Jack HammerXL and Nikki Darling Shine Louise Houston

Photo 2017-04-24, 3 10 32 AM.jpg
Burlesque performer Zyra Lee Vanity

Best Fetish

Having My Cake Morgana Muses

Hottest Straight Vignette

Xconfessions Vol. 8 Erika Lust

Njoy Viewer’s Choice

ETAGE X   Francy Fabritz

Most Dazzling Docu-Porn

Fifty Shades Of A Tranny Ames Bexxx and Michelle Austin

Honourable Mentions

Tangled Heartstrings Madison Young

Gone: A Story of Love and Courage Angie Rowntree

Femmes Kate Sinclaire

Breathtaking Morgana Muses

Honoured Websites


Photo 2017-04-24, 3 10 49 AM.jpg
Performer Jiz Lee,

All Photos credit Mitchel Raphael