4 directors will direct a short which represents a woman’s sexual reality in her 30s, 40s 50s and 60s. Lara presents “A dating girl”, contemplating the new way that people have of meeting and flirting with people, and the way in which the world of Apps has completely revolutionized personal relationships.  In Mia’s story, “Infidelity” she introduces us to a typical married couple and a protagonist how will soon discover that everything that has made her current situation possible is becoming gradually unstable. The story of “Evolution” directed by Anna, contemplates the life of a couple who have achieved their main life goals but who has started to realize that there are so many things for them to explore, like sexuality. Morgana present “Awaking”, an endearing story between two women who finally free themselves from social burdens and are able to experiment happiness and love as they had never before.

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