Our Philosophy

Good For Her, Toronto’s premiere sexuality shop and workshop centre, proudly presents the Toronto International Porn Festival, a celebration of the diversity of bodies, desires, genders, and sexualities.

DISCOVERY – We create a platform and space to watch and discover alternatives to mainstream porn.

EDUCATION – Education is in the curation: Sex positive diversity in films serves to educate on possibilities of pleasure, be a social commentary, and a form of art and/or personal expression. This diversity on screen is important for personal validation about themselves and their pleasure preferences.

INSPIRE AND EMPOWER – We recognize that porn can be empowering and positive for consumers, performers and creators. We celebrate and honour their work and challenge negative beliefs about porn and sex work by showcasing diverse imagery and hearing from performers speaking about their own experiences.

Brief History
Toronto sexuality shop Good For Her established The Feminist Porn Awards in 2006. It began as a one-time celebration of new alternatives to mainstream porn that emerged in the early 2000s. Due to its success and demand, it became a yearly event. After ten solid years of growth and change, it was time re-evaluate our goals in order to create an even better event. Good For Her decided to broaden the conversation about porn and bring in people who felt that the previous name and contexts were not inclusive of them as attendees, directors and/or performers. In 2016 Good For Her rebranded the events as the Toronto International Porn Festival recognizing Toronto as a hub for international film festivals and sex positivity.