About Us

The Toronto International Porn Festival is an annual pornography festival in Toronto, Canada, that celebrates and recognize erotic films that are inclusive and positive, representing a diversity of bodies, desires, genders, and sexualities.  Over the years the festival has become a hub to discover, learn, empower alternative porn, performers, and producers.

The festival draws an international audience every year and this year isn’t an exception. From April 20-23rd the festival takes place in downtown Toronto. Screenings will happen at the historic Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema. Our fabulous Awards Gala will take place at the Great Hall.  Stay tuned and check out our events page for additional festival events and details.

The festival and awards are honored to recognize erotic films that are inclusive and positive, representing a diversity of proclivities and desires in new and interesting ways. See the full criteria.

What’s new for 2017?
  • More porn. (What people always request!)
  • Multiple screenings over 3 days, including VR (virtual reality) porn. Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema.
  • More discussion about porn by those in the industry: Porn performers themselves speak about their profession, their choices and how consumers can best support positive working conditions with their purchasing dollars. Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies, University of Toronto

And of course the notable Awards Gala:
Dress in style to finish off the festival, mingling with your favourite performers and directors as they vie for awards at historic venue, The Great Hall.

We wish to thank all of our previous volunteers, attendees, submitting pornographers, Good For Her staff and Festival Directors, entertainment and presenters, sponsors, advisers and supporters for helping make the events as successful as they have been and encouraging us to grow and evolve.

Media Contact: Carlyle Jansen 416-588-0900 xt6