And the Winners are…

Best Comedic Film

FURNITURE PORN PROJECT Antoine Héraly, France/Germany


PIEDAD, Naya Pascual, Spain/ Germany

Sexiest Sci-Fi

TOUCH CRIMES, Sally Fenaux Barleycorn, Spain

Hottest Queer Short

TAKE ME LIKE THE SEA, Salty , Germany

Best Kink Short

DIRTY FEET, Erika Lust, Spain

Icy Winters, Malcolm Lovejoy and Rooster on Trans and BIPOC Visibility in Porn

Sexiest International Film

ORAL EXAM, Ms.Naughty, Australia

Most Tantalizing Trans Short


Most Dazzling Docu-Porn

VR Porn featuring Jennifer Lyon Bell’s Second Date

TIE ME UP, Erika Lust, Spain

Spiciest Political Short

DRESS UP, John Brodie, Canada

Steamiest Straight Vignette

WRITING IN BED, Shine Louise Houston, USA

Lanna Moon on Sex Work and #MeToo Panel

Golden Beaver Award for Canadian Content

GENESIS, Almondd, Canada

Hottest Artful Porn

LABIA OF LOVE Morgana Muses, Australia


Heartthrobs of the Year

Rooster, performer in Oral Exam and Heartthrob of the Year Award

Rooster and Caritia

Hottest Newcomer

Icy Winters

Schedule and tickets

TIPF Movies 2018 (6)

See more info on the schedule and tickets for Friday April 20th, Saturday April 21st or Sunday April 22nd.

2018 Nominees

The nominations are out! We have combed through hours of fabulous footage of films to select this year’s nominees! Click here for 2018 nominated films!

Celebrating the diverse erotic landscape of porn.

Good For Her, Toronto’s premiere sexuality store produces the Toronto International Porn Festival, screening the most creative, expressive, diverse and erotic pornography the industry has to offer. As a response to the growth and popularity of independent and progressive erotic films, the former Feminist Porn Awards have now been rebranded, to broaden the conversation about positive porn and reflect the diverse audience it attracts. These films are for people of all genders, sexualities, bodies and pleasures.

Second Annual Toronto International Porn Festival

Good for Her presents The Toronto International Porn Festival which returns April 20-22 2018. As the festival grows, we are looking for films that address sex and sexuality in broad ways: through the erotic, documentary, humour, exposé, personal reflection, and/or art. The 2018 Festival expands its traditional scope of submissions to solicit an increasing diversity of films including and beyond the explicit.


Screenings and Awards

This year’s festival will include panels and screenings throughout the weekend at The Royal Cinema and Super Wonder Gallery, both in downtown Toronto. The weekend culminates in an awards ceremony on the Sunday evening. All accepted submissions have confirmed that their film production adhered to the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee’s Model Bill of Rights.

Good for Her and Toronto International Porn Festival

Good for Her is Toronto’s oldest independent sex store and has been serving the sex loving community for 20 years. In 2006, Good for Her launched the Feminist Porn Awards to bring attention to and celebrate the shifts in the porn industry towards more ethical, feminist porn. After many successful years, the festival rebranded to its current form, the Toronto International Porn Festival. Each year the festival hosts panel discussions, film screenings, and an awards ceremony. This will be the second year of the Toronto International Porn Festival.

Photos: Mitchel Raphael

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